Truth be Told: Team Fortress 2 (Part 2)

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Truth be Told: Team Fortress 2 (Part 2) Empty Truth be Told: Team Fortress 2 (Part 2)

Post  kazmohdim on Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:10 pm

On another website I have around 25 reviews. This is my 2nd part of the TF2 review. Seeing how we all like TF2 I posted it.

"In my last review I reviewed the types of classes and how they contributed to the team. In this review I will be reviewing more about the game itself like game types, maps, and everything else.

First up is the HUD which is one of the most important things in a game. A HUD should be easily laid out. The common HUD should display your health, ammo, and objectives/map. With that said, Team Fortress 2 meets hte full requirements of a good HUD. The time limit is always displayed at the top. Some servers have an unlimited time limit but usually a Team Fortress map will have one. Time can be added if one team captures a point or an objective. Time can also go into over time to give one team a short second chance if they are really close to scoring. All FPS HUDs have a crosshair, and the crosshairs differ from character to character. Characters with more accurate guns will have a sharp crosshair while characters with a inacruate gun will have a widercrosshair. Health is displayed in the bottom left as damage. Weapons do damage. We learn from Fallout 3 that Damage + FPS = disaster but Team Fortress 2 uses it quite well. Almost all weapons do high damage, even secondary weapons. The point of health in this game is to distinguish the classes. A heavy will require more shots from a shotgun to kill him than it wold if you were shooting a scout. Objectives are displayed at the bottom of the HUD. They show the score of both teams objectives. Lastly, the ammo is located in the bottom right hand corner. Its a very simple layout. Team Fortress 2 does not have a map or radar. Lots of people who play FPS like to use Radar, but the whole point of team fortress 2 is to be able to do stuff as a team. A scout can scout the battle field and check where enemies are and notifiy where sentrys are, or where the flag is, or if there is a spy around the area. It makes the game more interesting and makes players work together instead of everyone doing things by themselves.

Next up is graphics. Now its obvious that Team Fortress 2 had very cartoony graphics. Lots of people do not like this. They find it "unrealistic" or "silly" but i think its great. Reason for that is "difference" So many games these days run on high end consoles with the latest graphic technology. They try to make it as realistic as possible with motion blur, detail textures and models, but Team Fortress 2 doesnt have all that. Instead it takes on a very cartoony sense. It makes the game unique. When you see team fortress 2 you know that its team fortress 2 because of its graphics. Where games like band of brothers and COD its hard to tell a difference. Though the game is cartoony, it is not childish as many would think cartoons mean. Team Fortress 2 gorry. Blood squirts everywhere, limbs fly off, characters explode in piles of gore, its really funny to watch. It creates irony. Irony is a good thing when determining a games place in its world. Irony leads into all that artisitc crap which i wont get into talking about. But really, the cartoony graphics make it easy on the eyes and can be quite comical.

Story? What story? Its a multiplayer game for crying out loud. No single player at all. There isnt even a point to the game. Its just the never ending war of the two colours red and blue that seem to always be fighting in every video game ever. But in the multi-player one can make out some little east eggs here and there. There is hidden stuff like the pyro being a girl or the pyro might actually be the scout's mother can be implied. Other fun clues can be about the whole objectives of the maps and teams. Red stands for Reliable Excavation Demolition and Blu stands for Builders League United. With those two names, do you notice an opposite? Within the bases of TF2 you can see meeting rooms where boardmeetings take place, world maps with radar and hotspot locations. It makes you feel like your apart of somthing.

Game modes are very fun in team fortress 2. There is the standard Capture the Flag or in which case is capture the intel. CTF is a very fair game. The map is semetrical, both teams have the same bases and flag locations. A player must touch the flag, run all the way back to their base and capture the flag. If a player is killed with the flag, the flag will drop on the ground and the other team must defend it in order to return it. Usually a standard game requires 3 captures but can last for hours as two very smart and expirienced teams know how to set up proper defenses. Its breaking those defenses that are a challenge.
Another Simular FPS game mode is Capture point or CP. Where on a large maps 2-6 capture points can be layed out. Both teams start off with one capture point and will capture points until they meet in the middle where they start to fight over capture points. In order to win the game of CP one team must completly own all CPs on the map meaning it will require pushing the opposite team back and moving up the defenses. You can only capture one point ahead of your location so a spy cant sneak behind enemy lines and start capture point by himself. Once a capture point is taken, the next CP will be unlocked. A branch off of CP exists called king of the hill where there is only 1 CP and teams must fight for it. Who ever has the most time with the CP at the end of the time limit wins the game.
Next game mode is called areana and its basically team deathmatch. It focuses on smaller maps and no respawning. You win by eliminating all players on the map.
Last and not least is Team Fortress 2's original idea for a game mode. Its called payload. And to put it as simple terms as possible, you need to push a mine cart containing a nuclear bomb from one side of the map to the other while the other team trys to stop you. To move the cart you must be near it, and the more people there are pushing it, the faster it goes. Of coures, the other team will have a head start before the match begins to set up defenses, the other team must always try to break the defenses and move up. There are checkpoints along the way and once you reach a checkpoint, more time will be added so you can win. But dont get me wrong, sometimes these matches can be long. There are parts where a team will be at a stalemate because one teams defense is just to great at a choke point.

Maps used to be bland. There was only a few maps that were situated in a desert industrial envirorment with crudly slapped together buildings made of sheet metal and wood and the enviroment was rusty with dust and rocks like an the old western theme. But since them Valve has improved since then. A few new maps are added every major update. Maps can include being in alaska when its snowing or can be at a teams main headquarters in the offices. There is even one where two giant trucks carry giant rockets and the teams battle on them. Some maps are sementrical creating equality and some are not making the game unique as the team can use the map layout to their advantage like hiding a sentry around a corner so that it catches a team offguard.

With each update valve not only gives TF2 players new maps but also items for classes. So far there have been 6 major updates. Most of the updates are for certain classes. For example, one update will be a pyro only update and will give the pyro 3 new weapons. Or perhaps an update will give everyone hats. Weapons come with stats. Usually with good stats valave nerf other stats to even it out. For example, the scounts new shotgun can blast enemies away for a short distance, but the downside is it only can hold two bullets and takes a long time to reload unlike or the heavys new gun which slows enemies down but does less damage. It makes the game even more of a co-operative because not everyone will have the same gun and with a gun having a weakness and a strength, it requires team work. For example, the medics new medi-gun. Instead of making someone invulnerable, it gives the person 100% critical hits. But the downside is the player is stull vulnerable. So if there were two medics, one with an Uber charge and one with a critical charge, they could wipe things out with one medic making a heavy invulnerable and a soldier have critical hits.

What makes team fortress so unique? There are lots of multi-player games and many require team work. Yes that is true, but not as much team work as Team Fortress. In a game like COD, if your teamates die, you can still kill everyone by yourself, but in a game like tf2, if your a medic and your healing buddy dies, your kind of screwed since medics are not very good at combat. Class based multiplayer really brings out the team work since all classes have rolls to fullfill and cant do everything by themselves. Team work itself is somthing that goes unpunished. It allows the whole team of people to work together and everyone contributes to winning, whether your building a telporter to teleport your friends or your a medic making sure everyone is alive everyone contributes. Team fortress also has constant updates to make sure that the game never gets broing, old, or to fix problems. "other companies update their games too retard" yes this is true but i have never seen a game with this many updates. One person may argue that a game updates to improve on somthing they are bad on. And while I think this as a bad trait for a game to have, team fortress updates somehow make you forgive and forget that the game used to be bad because they give you things other than a fix. They give you a new map that they thought up, they give you a new weapon that they thought up. The thing is, valve does not have to do this, the original weapons were fine, they were balanced and the maps, while they were boring offered good tactical gameplay for both teams. TF2 updates are for fun, to make the game not get old. You tell me, when a game is completly perfect, how will it get revived when it starts to get old.

Team Fortress 2 is the second team fortress game. The original team fortress game was released bay in the late 90s. It was a mod off of Quake 3 and not an actual game. It was made by amature game developers and they got valve to publish the game as a quake mod. TF1 had all the origianl characters and the team work implied. Valve liked the idea so much that in 2006 TF2 was released and made better. TF2 looks like it will be sticking around for a long time for its simple graphics that could still look good even in later years, the game not having a story line thus no sequals, and a constant update system releasing new maps and items making it ageless. TF2 will eventually be sucked dry of everything it can do, but not for a very long time, where as COD may have a graphics change, Valves next installment for a new team fortress would be a new engine, and that wont come around any time soon. Everything about TF2 leads up to being a very memorable game."

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Truth be Told: Team Fortress 2 (Part 2) Empty Re: Truth be Told: Team Fortress 2 (Part 2)

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tl;dr Sad
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Truth be Told: Team Fortress 2 (Part 2) Empty Re: Truth be Told: Team Fortress 2 (Part 2)

Post  Overall on Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:57 pm

My reaction: hokay
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Truth be Told: Team Fortress 2 (Part 2) Empty Re: Truth be Told: Team Fortress 2 (Part 2)

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